Why are the Crowds So Low at “Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge”?



Despite a billion-dollar investment and much publicity, attendance at Disney’s latest attraction, “ Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” remains much lower than expectations, according to Disney Tourist Blog.

The attraction which opened on May 31, 2019, covers 14 acres and no longer requires reservations, maybe oddly empty, according to Peter Sciretta, from slashflim.com.   

Peter Sciretta from Slash Film also states that “Galaxy’s Edge has been oddly empty since it opened without reservations”. He states that people might not want to go because of the long waits that the ride has, especially since the Fastpass service isn’t allowed. 

Additionally. Sciretta also thinks that the cause for the small crowds could be that Disney has scared tourists away by keeping much danger/keep out signs that could scare away families with kids because of how dangerous the construction zone is.

In the Cantina, the restaurant in  Galaxy’s Edge, “people are complaining about the long lines in the sun, the unfriendly cast members serving the drinks, and the packed and uncomfortable quarters,” stated Sciretta. 

But, reporter Todd Martens from The Los Angeles Times thinks otherwise. He believes that the crowds are low because the theme part isn’t finished. He stated that even the ride that is opened “lacks a sense of awe.”

Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge is replacing the attraction “Big Thunder Ranch”. So far, the theme park only has one attraction called “Millenium Falcon” but, Disney is planning to put more. There still will be more construction in this area because the Disney tourist blog states that “ 1 ride is not enough… There will definitely be more.”