Does Watching Television “Rot Your Brain”?

“The brain is actually more active when sleeping.”


If you are a teen, you have probably heard your parents say, “Too much television will rot your brain!” It turns out that this statement has been proven to be true. Television can increase the risk of premature death, reduce your level of intelligence, and lessen your ability to operate, according to the Brain Performance Center. 

Wonderpolis explains, “The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that kids under two years old not watch any television. They also recommend that children older than two not watch more than one to two hours of television each day.”

According to Tara Haelle,  an author from, a new study has been conducted to see the amount of damage excessive television viewing will do to us. Researchers gave 3,247 adults (ranging in age from 18-30 years old) exams every two to five years and had to answer questions about television watching. 

Haelle explains that the people who fell in the lowest 25% of physical activity watched an average of more than two hours of television a day. The test also showed that 11% of the participants watch a lot of t.v. (averaging at about three hours a day). Haelle stated, “Clearly low physical activity plays a role in brain health, as we already knew, but even lots of TV watching on its own, independent of physical activity, points to bad news for the brain in this study, so it’s not just sitting on the couch that explains the poor scores on the tests.”

The Brain Performance Center states that a person’s brain is actually more active while you sleep than it is when you watch television. “Since the health of your brain is largely determined by how much you actively use it, watching too much television can have a detrimental effect on the health of your brain,” reports Brain Performance Center.