Are Bananas Radioactive?


mental floss

Let’s start off by answering our first question. Are bananas radioactive? Well yes, but does that mean you should stop consuming them? According to experts, probably not

Bananas are radioactive because of the potassium that they so famously contain, reports According to, this is because potassium is a radioactive isotope. So yes, bananas are radioactive but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should cut them from your diet. According to, “Those essential for health include calcium, phosphorus, potassium-” and much much more. 

Still not convinced that bananas are safe to eat? Take this example into consideration. Radiation is measured in units, as with everything. According to, these measurements include millicurie, rad, rem, and roentgen. If you were to eat a banana every day for one year, you would receive a radiation level of 2.6 rems, states This may sound alarming until you learn that the average amount of radiation required to kill a person is 350 rems.

 According to,, the only way that you may get radiation poisoning from eating bananas is by eating 10,000,000 bananas. That’s an average of 27,397 bananas every day. So unless you eat over 20,000 bananas per day, I wouldn’t be too worried. Meanwhile, enjoy the following interesting facts about this mildly “radioactive” fruit from

  • Bananas can float
  • Bananas are classified as berries
  • Because of its potassium, bananas can help lower blood pressure
  • Humans share 50% of our DNA with bananas
  • The inside of a banana peel can ease inflammation and itching from bug bites or poison ivy