New Kickstarter 3D Game Travels “Beyond the Underworld”

Andreas Dilling

Andreas Dilling’s ‘Beyond the Underworld’ is a 3D journey style game with a strange and surreal reality where spirits take form as insects and wildlife that have their own personality traits. As shown in the Peacock Games official trailer for this game, it defies all other gaming experiences. With the contrast colors in ordinary objects, to the oddly designed plants, it has its own unique ecosystem. 

In an interview with the Matador Messenger,  Dilling, Peacock Games founder, stated that he was motivated by the game ‘Journey’ to create a game of surrealism and one where a story can be told without words. As is noted from his Kickstarter page, “Beyond the Underworld” is a game centered around a girl who discovers that he isn’t in a normal world anymore, and isn’t exactly all that human either. He explores this strange version of the afterlife. Additionally Andreas Dilling’s Kickstarter page. The main

character has to search for the reason that he found herself in the afterlife by exploring each unique area of the land, engaging with, and restoring lost spirits.

 Dilling states that he has had the idea of this type of game for a while, so he wanted to create his dream game and share it with the world. One goal for the designer. According to Andreas’ Kickstarter, “Reality is something we are all used to, same color trees, same animals, same world. So I wanted to create a world where almost everything has a unique twist on it; blue grass, growing insect spirits, new ecosystem, etc.”.

Dilling faced a number of challenges when creating his game, as he explains on his Kickstarter page. “The most challenging part is getting the gameplay aspects to work the way I wanted them to like character animations, launch pads, and the creatures’ path movements. 

He added that some  of the most challenging aspects  was to get the cloth on the main character to work properly, taking a lot of trial and error.” Oddly enough the most rewarding t was when I figured out how simple cut scenes worked.” 

To make the majority of models seen in the game, Dilling used the free 3D modeling program “Blender.” Additionally, Dilling also stated that one of the most challenging aspects was to get the cloth on the main character to work, which took a lot of trial and error. 

According to his Kickstarter page,” Lore is experimental right now as I’m trying to build the player’s and the world’s story but it’s going along pretty well right now.”The funds that Dilling collects will serve a number of purposes. Dilling is going to split his donations and savings by putting 10% toward the Kickstarter fees, 10% (estimation) for taxes, 15% for reward tiers, and 65% to the development of the game.

Reward tiers are if investorspay money through his Kickstarter page, they receive prizes. For example, those that pay $5, receive their name in the credits, a personal thank you, and title art. For $15  investors receive early access to the game, a digital copy of the game for PC as well as the previous reward tiers. For a $500 pledge, investors become the co-director, the ability to design a creature and a plant, early access, a digital copy of the game, high-quality title art, a name in both the credits and the website, and a personal thank you.