Tigres Academy Soccer Club: “Improving Soccer Skills and Instilling Values”

Tigres Academy Soccer Club: Improving Soccer Skills and Instilling Values

“Tigres is a club that not only cares about improving soccer but also instilling the values to make  people better,” stated Coach Hector Cuadros of the Tigres pre-academy soccer club. “My goal is for the kids to not worry about the results but instead focus on the effort,” added Coach Cuadros.

The Tigres pre academy soccer club is a small organization with 11 teams in the club. The Tigres organization trains youth ages 8-18 who reside primarily in Tustin California and the surrounding cities. “Our mission focuses on the development of kids and teens, through the use of sport, into high performing athletes, encouraging family and social integration.” stated Coach Cuadros. 

“We strive to strengthen aspects such as technique, tactics, fitness, and the psychological part of the sport to enable players to transform their destiny and succeed at the highest levels,” stated the Tigres organization.

“Tigres Academy UANL CA is an official Academy of Tigres UANL, one of the best teams in the LIga MX. Tigres is defined by their tough and clean style of play and is recognized for promoting leadership in the values of the character,” according to the team website. 

Despite the smaller size of the organization, a number of accomplishments have been made. One accomplishment is that the B06 team “ended up being a better team at the end of the season and the team was able to make it to the second round of the state cup,” stated Coach Cuadros.

Another accomplishment that this organization made was that the B2001 team earned third place in the Las Vegas tournament that occurred in Las Vegas Nevada.

 “The B2001 Flight 1 team had a great outing in this year’s edition of the Las Vegas Classic Thanksgiving tournament, losing a tight game in the semifinals stage,” added Coach Ruben.

The Las Vegas Tournament is one of the highest ranked, soccer tournaments in the country. Coach Ruben stated that “This tournament was a great way to end a successful fall season.” “Here at Tigres UANL Academy CA, we want to give our players the opportunity to become the best versions of themselves and grow professionally and personally through opportunities such as this one,” added Coach Ruben. 

Therefore, we expect to invite more teams and their families to next year’s tournament,” said Coach Ruben in a statement to team families at the conclusion of the tournament.

The upcoming tryouts will be held on January 7th and 9th from 6:00 to 8:00pm. The tryouts will take place at St. Jeanne School and it is open to all boys and girls from 8-12 years old. You can locate the team website at https://www.tigresacademyuanlca.com/