Photography Tips to Bring Your Summer into Focus

Photography Tips to Bring Your Summer into Focus

Summer is finally here, and with summer there are vacations, and with vacations there are pictures. 

 Sometimes you just want to get the perfect picture. But do you have the right camera?  Here are some stores that might just have the right camera that will make your picture life perfect. Some stores I recommend are,  Fullerton Cameras and Fullerton Photographics. 

Fullerton Cameras is rated as a  4.5 star store on Yelp The address is 809 N Harbor Blvd. and the store hours are 10am-6pm or 5pm. They sell cameras and film for each camera. The types of cameras they sell are Nikon, Canon, Sony, and Rode.

Fullerton Photographics is rated as a 4.8 star shop on Yelp. The address 908 N Harbor Blvd. The store hours are 9am-5:30pm. They sell cameras, film, and photographs. The pricing for camera film ranges from $0.59-$7.50. 

Amateur photographers often may find themselves interested in becoming professional photographers. Max Gordon; Max is a first year student at the University of Oregon and is majoring in Film and Cinema Studies.

One challenge, Gordon pointed out, for students studying to become a professional still and motion photography is finding ways to connect with influential production companies and standing out as “a value to the industry.”

“There have been many changes in the film and cinema industry over the past decade,” explained Gordon. “One of which is technologies available to create and distribute my work.” Youtube, Twitch, Instagram and Twitter.

For photographers looking to become professionals, posting their work on social media and content sites can broaden their audience and “exposure.” I would advise anyone wanting to get into the film and cinema profession to take this step,” stated Gordon.

“A piece of advice I would give a person who wants to get into this profession would be that you must be a social person who is able to market him or her-self well and make lots of connections to help you on your way to the top,” added Gordon.

All in all, those are some stores to buy what you need for your vacation.