Prevent Electric Scooter Accidents with These Simple Tips


 With the rise in popularity of electric scooters so to comes the increase in the number of accidents and injuries to scooter riders.

 According to, an investigation by Consumer Reports has revealed that there have been at least 1,545 accidents in the US involving electric scooters over the past year. Then how do we prevent those accidents? These are some helpful tips all scooter riders should know before riding.

 First of all, all riders should wear a helmet. According to, it is said to be important to wear a helmet. Helmets protect against a variety of head injuries and wearing one would prevent most scooter injuries, the CDC(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) finds. “The biggest problem, bar none, is failure to use a helmet,” says Ebel. “We can fix your broken arm or wrist but not your brain.” 

 Second, according to, it is always best to avoid low-light conditions. Although some of the scooters have LED headlights that help you see and be seen, it’s always best to avoid low-light conditions whenever possible. That includes night-time adventures. It can be hard to see what’s in front of you, especially when you’re traveling upwards 10, 11, 12 mph or faster.

 Third, always ride “singly.”  Doubling the riders on the electric scooter,  can double the risk of an accident. According to, every electric scooter has a weight capacity, and pushing it over that limit could cause it to break. Capacity isn’t the only issue with double riding- adding another person onto your ride causes balance problems. Have concern for your safety and others’ by riding alone.

 Make sure to be careful whenever you ride an electric scooter. It would be fantastic if you have fun while riding, but you should always be aware, in order to have a safe ride.