DIY Out of the Box Class Takes Crafting to a New Level for Students

PYLUSD Summer Enrichment class teaches students to craft fun and trendy items using recycled supplies.



“I want students to learn that there are ‘no mistakes’ in art, only opportunities to find a different solution or way to make something that they like,” stated Mrs. Perez, Language Arts teacher at Bernardo Middle School, who currently teaches the “Thinking Out of The Box” crafts class as part of the 2018 PYLUSD Summer Enrichment Program at Golden Elementary School.

This class is designed to teach students and peers to think critically and use various materials to create useful projects, such as a duct tape pencil pouch or a beautiful yarn weaving.

“I created this ‘Thinking Out of the Box’ class to help students create art that is useful, functional, and really can enrich their lives whether it is a duct tape pencil pouch or a beautiful weaving or a useful and decorative desk organizer made out of cereal boxes,” stated Mrs. Perez. “I want students to be able to go home and be able to make more of these projects from items that they find around the house. Some of these items can be kept and others can be gifted.”

Mrs. Perez says that she finds her inspirations from Pinterest,  design magazines, and seeing what is currently in stores. “I have been on the hunt for projects that are fun to make but also have that ‘wow’ factor that will impress others when students take their work home.”

Students in the class have been excited to try new techniques whether that involves knitting or decoupage. “The greatest satisfaction I can have is when students tell me that love the ‘process’ as much as the final ‘product’, added Perez. ” I have had some students have some hesitation in starting a project, such as our French Knitting letter project only to have them return the next day saying that they spent hours at home continuing to knit.”

In addition to teaching this class, Mrs. Perez is married and has two children ages 15 and 17. Also, she teaches 7th and 8th grade Language Arts at Bernardo Yorba Middle School.