Matador Messenger Publishes “Summer Edition”

The Matador Messenger returns for another “summer edition” with reporters attending the PYLUSD Summer Enrichment class being held at Golden Elementary from June through July 2018.

“I wanted to give students in this class an opportunity to publish for the paper, which I started six years ago,” explained Mrs. Christine Perez, advisor for the Matador Messenger. 

 The Summer Enrichment Program was looking for a new and exciting language arts elective, which the Matador Messenger could provide. 

Mrs. Perez  trains the students to report  and write, as well as learn about the world around them. The Matador Messenger class also teaches students how to find reliable sources to help support their claims and evidence in their articles

The students are in their third week and Mrs. Perez couldn’t be any prouder. “My goals for my students include having them learn to interview adults and students, gather information, and write a news story that follows the journalism guidelines that is accurate, informative, and interesting.”

“I want my student reporters to experience the power of publishing! Journalists, whether they be students or adults, are a very important part of our working democracy in the United States. I want my students to realize that they too can contribute to this process whether it is for the summer, for a school year or more, or even as a career…I also want my students to have fun in the process,” added Mrs. Perez.

During the traditional school year Mrs. Perez teaches language arts at Bernardo Yorba Middle School. The Matador Messenger is the first SNO student online newspaper in PYLUSD and the first middle school newspaper of its kind in Orange County.


Mrs. Perez also helps her students when they face problems in her class. “When I lose creativity for an article, the writing seems challenging. It’s difficult to find the right or trustworthy sources. Mrs. Perez helps me by recommending trustworthy and useful websites and sources to help with my criteria,” explained Dakota Reynolds, a student in the Matador Messenger class.


She has a soft approach to helping her students, especially when it comes to getting a teacher to respond to an interview or finding a reliable source that fits the topic of the students’ articles. “The challenge that I face is that I can’t rely on the teachers to respond to my questions the next day. Finding the right sources online is also challenging. She helps me, by giving me examples of trustworthy sites,” stated Ashley Villa, another student participating in Mrs. Perez’s class.

Mrs. Perez doesn’t only teach students how to write news articles, but she also teaches them how to “Think Out Of The Box.” “I am really passionate about all three classes that I am teaching this summer. Each is so different and yet they’re all about problem solving, ‘thinking out of the box’ and using skills necessary to be successful in school and in life in general, whether that be researching a topic for a newspaper, or finding a strategy in a games class, or designing an art piece in my crafts class,” reported Mrs. Perez.


During the Summer Enrichment, Mrs. Perez loves to teach students younger than who she normally teaches. “I really enjoy working with students during the summer who are younger than those I normally teach. There is such enthusiasm and energy. I love being able to use my teaching skills and experience during the summer with the new challenges. I love seeing my students trying new skills and being successful.”

For Mrs. Perez seeing students publish articles for a world-wide audience is rewarding in and of itself. “Watching a student reporter publish a well written article and have it read worldwide, is an amazing process for myself, the student, and their families… I stay busy outside of school with all of their activities. I also love finding new topics for my reporters,”explained Mrs. Perez.

When Mrs. Perez isn’t teaching her school class or her summer class, she fills her free time with fun activities. “When not teaching, I am always listening to NPR (National Public Radio) to be informed. I also love crafting, working out at the gym, and of course, spending time with my family,” responded Mrs. Perez.