5 Things Most People Thought Are Recyclable, But Aren’t

5 Things Most People Thought Are Recyclable, But Arent

Photo Courtesy of villageofcridersville.com

Many things are just thrown into the recycle bin that we assume are recyclable. Some things may seem recyclable, but are really not. The following items are things that are not recyclable.

1. Juice boxes

Currently, some manufacturers are making juice boxes that can be recycled. These boxes will be specifically labeled, and if not labeled, it means that the juice box is not safe to recycle, stated be mnn.com.

2. Shredded paper

Most regular paper can be recycled, but shredded paper makes it hard at recycle centers to tell what kind of paper it is, according to mnn.com.

3. Aerosol cans

Though it is metal, most spray cans contain propellants and chemicals. Most municipal systems treat the as hazardous materials, stated by mnn.com.

4. Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs)

These contain too much mercury to be recycled. Window manes, mirrors, light bulbs, and tableware are impractical to be recycled, according to mnn.com.

5. Take out containers

The take out containers can not be recycled unless they are thoroughly rinsed out. Oily residue makes the containers not recyclable, stated by mnn.com