Giant Predatory Worms Invading France


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This may seem like something from a sci-fi movie, but it’s actually happening. Giant predatory worms from Asia have made it all the way to France. And their invasion is well underway, stated mnn.

Biologists are warning about an invasion of giant predatory worms in French territories across four continents. The infestation has gone underreported for almost two decades and poses a threat to fauna,  which threat soil biodiversity and ecological balance, according to researchers, stated

The worms are part of a group of predatory species known as hammerhead flatworms, which grow to over a foot long. They prey on earthworms in the soil and produce a potent cocktail of chemicals to immobilize their prey, according to businessinsider.

“At the beginning of our study, we were intrigued by the almost total absence of published information about the presence of bipaliines in France,” the researchers wrote, according to mnn.

“We were amazed that these long and brightly colored worms could escape the attention of scientists and authorities in a European developed country for such a long time,” the study notes, stated