New Robot Puts Together IKEA Furniture


Photo Courtesy of LA Times

Researchers in Singapore believe they have come up with an easier and faster way to assemble IKEA furniture using a robot, according to NY Times.

“A team from Nanyang Technological University programmed a robot to create and execute a plan to piece together most of IKEA’s $25 solid-pine Stefan chair on its own, calling on a medley of human skills to do so,” reported the NY Times.

Two arms, 3D cameras, grippers, and force sensors are built into the furniture-building robot, according to Mother Nature Network.

Parallel grippers on the robot act as “fingers” to help pick up objects, according to the LA Times.

It only took the robot around twenty minutes to build an IKEA chair. This task would have taken about double to triple times the amount of time if done by a human, according to Mother Nature Network.

TheVerge, stated that, “The system was preprogrammed with both 3D images of the chair’s components and with assembly instructions.”

According to Huffington Post,the robot is able to read the instructions for the IKEA furniture they are building.

“After demonstration, the robot learns that it should first be compliant to let the user re-orient the table-top in a comfortable pose to screw the current leg. Once the user starts to screw the leg, the robot becomes stiff to facilitate the task,” stated Huffington Post.

No information has been given on when and if the robot will be accessible to customers, so for now, you’re on your own.