LA Painting the Streets White


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Dark colored asphalt bakes and absorbs 85-90% of the sun’s rays when temperatures rise , according to CBS Los Angeles. In order to solve this problem, LA has started painting the streets and asphalt white due to the increase in temperature, according to MNN.

Of course, when the temperatures rise, residents set their air conditioner on full blast, which causes energy usage to spike, according to MNN. Without the dark asphalt, the outside temperature could lower to about 22 degrees, which provides an all around better living environment on hot days.

According to CBS Los Angeles, when temperatures reach 100 degrees, the temperature can get to 150 with the asphalt absorbing more than 80% of the sun’s rays. So, if the streets were painted white, it could be 50 degrees cooler in LA on some days.

According to MNN, “…when these roads reach sizzling hot status, ambient heat radiates into surrounding neighborhoods…”

Cooler temperatures can also help prevent heat-related illnesses and deaths, according to CBS Los Angeles.

CoolSeal is the product the city is using, which is a greyish-white which is a heat-reducing sealcoat, according to DailyMail.

Painting the streets with this CoolSeal has already reduced some roadways by 10 degrees, according to Fox News.

Popular Science has said, “Hot weather worsens air pollution by turning car exhaust into smog, which can make life miserable for people with asthma and other respiratory conditions.” Popular Science has also said the next step might be painting the roof tops white.

“While each coasting could can last up to seven years, they are also pricey, with the estimated cost of $40,000 per mile,” stated Fox News.