Dutch Supermarket Adds A Plastic Free Aisle


Photo Courtesy of ecowatch

A Dutch supermarket called Ekoplaza has recently added a plastic free aisle. Ekoplaza is a chain supermarket that has 74 chain stores in the Netherlands, stated MNN.

According to mnn.com,  Ekoplaza has already been an organic supermarket, but this plastic free aisle has taken it a step further. This is the first grocery store to have a plastic free aisle.

This aisle includes meats, produce, cereal, various snacks, and dairy items. According to mnn.com, the packaging is “…compostable, biodegradable or easily reusable/recyclable variety. This includes glass and various examples of bio-based plastic (biofilm) packaging that looks like the real deal.”

Ekoplaza’s  goal is to reduce waste, according to cnn.com. Sian Sutherland, the co-founder of a Plastic Planet, which is an association who supports going plastic free, has said the aisle is “a symbol of what the future of food retailing will be.”

“From water bottles to disposable coffee cups, items that we use for just a few minutes can take up to centuries to decompose,” stated CNN.  Plastic pollutes air, water, and land. Plastic is eaten by animals and mammals, leading to their death. Plastic has many dangerous effects on our environment, and going plastic free would help greatly, according to Life Without Plastic.  

This aisle has over 700 grocery items with no plastic packaging. “While some of the packaging may look plastic, it’s actually a biofilm made of trees and plants that will break down within 12 weeks in a home composter,” according to Washington Post.

Plastic bags were already banned in the Netherlands two years ago, according to nytimes.com.

Hopefully the plastic free aisle will raise awareness and show people that plastic isn’t always needed.