Skylodge Adventure Suites Offers Unique Hotel Experience


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Ever wanted to sleep looking off at the beautiful Peruvian view?  Now one can stay at the floating glass Skylodge Adventure Suites.

Hanging at 1,200 feet above ground are four glass pods suspended on the side of the mountain Via Ferrata, according to  This “hotel” opened in June of 2013, and is the first hanging lodge.

To get to this hotel, one must hike up a trail up Via Ferrata, and fly through with a series of ziplines, according to  In order to leave, guests could zipline down the mountain, according to

Each capsule can fit a maximum number of 8 people.  In each suite, there are four beds, a dining area, and a bathroom.  There are six windows, and four ventilation ducts to create a comfortable atmosphere.  All lighting is powered by solar panels, according to

“The motivation behind these dramatic lodges was to offer “a unique experience that [connects guests] with nature or make them realize what really luxury can be,” Natalia Rodriquez, the Skylodge manager, stated to