Artist Creates Life-Like Crocheted People


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A Finnish artist has been creating life-like crocheted people, using people in her village for inspiration.

According to Mother Nature Network, Liisa Hietanen “…started on this road during art school  and her first fully completed piece was “Pirkko,” a sculpture of her first-grade teacher.”

Hietanen meets with the person who she wants to model for coffee and takes pictures all around them and even takes a few measurements. By watching the model’s characteristics, she is able to capture their mood and personality, stated MNN.

On the inside of the art, it isn’t all crocheted, the artist uses rebar for the weight and shape.

Hietanen has said, “There are certain proportions I look at in the face and have a system of how I translate it into crocheting, and part of the work is shaping the crocheted parts by sewing.”

The artist’s love of art started when she was only ten years old. She also shares a love of painting, although her favorite form of art is crocheting, according to MNN.

Hietanen has even crocheted a whole bathroom from hand, from the toilet paper to the sink. This is a link to the video showing you the crocheted bathroom.

According to, “The most popular goal in crochet is obvious: Crochet enthusiasts hope to complete crochet projects, which are typically objects that are useful, attractive or beneficial in some way,” but, Hietanen takes crocheting to a whole new level.

If you’re interested in learning to crochet, instructs beginners on how to start.