First Viper Shark Discovery Since 1986


Photo courtesy of Taiwan’s Fisheries Research Institute

Yep, Taiwan’s Fisheries Research Institute just caught a shark that has a mouth inside of its mouth, and it can protrude and retract. Caught on January 3rd, 2018 this shark has baffled scientists, as it is the first Viper Shark discovery since 1986.

This horror causing creature was compared to the murderous creatures in the movie Alien, as they both share the second mouth characteristic, according to

Being as rare as they are, there is little knowledge of the creatures’ habits. Speculation says that they migrate from 300m-400m deep during the day to 150m deep at night. They feed on small to large bony fish, according to

Five specimens were caught recently, however four were dead and the fifth died in lab the next day, according to Taiwan’s Fisheries Research Institute.

The first ever occurence of the Viper Shark was in 1986. They were found off the coast of Shikoku Island, Japan, by the bottom-trawler, Seiryo-Maru. Its scientific name Trigonognathus Kabeyai honors the fishing vessel’s captain, Hiromichi Kabeya, according to

“The most obvious feature are the needle-shaped teeth, like snake-like fangs; this is also the origin of viper shark name,” stated in a statement by Taiwan’s Fisheries Research Institute, according to