All Of The Ice Is Disappearing; What Is The Cause?

All Of The Ice Is Disappearing; What Is The Cause?

A starving polar bear was found on Baffin Island. The bear was nearly “clinging onto life”, according to National Geographic.

The number of arctic seals are also declining. Some say their population is declining by 10% a year. Why is happening? Simple answer, the constant loss of ice.

Ice, for most arctic animals, is a necessity. For seals, they have special fur/blubber to keep themselves insulated from the cold temperatures.

If the temperatures warm up, the seals can get overheated, for they can not shed skin, unlike snakes.

Polar bears mostly eat fish and seal, which are mainly arctic animals. When you take away the ice and cold water, the animals (food) are forced to migrate, leaving the bears with nothing.

As of 2014, the Polar Ice Caps have been melting double the rate of anywhere else in world, according to

How can you help/make a difference? Simple. One thing you can do is the well known phrase, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Another way is to use less Air Conditioning and Heat. Take the time to better insulate your house, and use less Carbon Dioxide. It also can lower your energy bill.

Want to know more ways  to help? Check ThoughtCo for making a difference one person at a time. You could also donate to GreenPeace.