PYLUSD Students “Trip Into Science” With Bottle Rockets and Land Yachts

PYLUSD Summer Enrichment class focuses on engineering principles.


Genevieve Dauphin and Ryder Schawb display bottle rocket created in “Trippin’ Into Science” Class

Mrs. Tripp found her inspiratation for her PYLUSD Summer Enrichment class,”Trippin’ Into Science”, being offered at Lakeview Elementary, from the Future Scientists & Engineers Program (FSEA) which is a national nonprofit organization of elementary, middle, and secondary school science clubs, according to

“We build projects and use a lot of engineering principles,” stated Mrs. Tripp about her STEM based class which includes students from grades three through seven.

”One of the experiments I enjoyed the most in the class was the land yachts,” commented third grader, Khai Nguyen.

During the regular school year, Mrs. Tripp teaches at Brookhaven Elementary. During her “Trippin’ Into Science” class, Mrs. Tripp uses  hands-on experiments such as art projects and bottle rockets to make sure her students never forget what she teaches.

Mrs. Tripp graduated from Wright State University, earning  her  bachelor of science degree, and master’s degree in computer education. She stated,”I love all aspects of science- it was my focus area in college-but I would have to say I enjoy chemistry the most, no, wait…. I guess I love science in general!!!!”

I choose to teach science every year because kids love to get their hands on these experiments.  I love watching students enjoy the process of learning,”added Mrs. Tripp. “We build projects and use a lot of engineering principles.” 

“Rockets are always my favorite enrichment experiment. I love them because we all get wet during launches!” concluded Tripp.