“Around the World in 20 Days” Students Journey to Discover New Cultures

Miss Miller leads classes in exploration of new art, music, language, food, and celebrations


“With this class, my students and I can take an exciting journey to faraway countries where we can discover new art, music, language, food and celebrations,” stated Miss Danielle Miller about her class “Around the World in 20 Days” being taught at the 2016 – 2017 PYLUSD Summer Enrichment Program at Lakeview Elementary.

Miss Miller teaches ages eight through twelve across four periods. Her students learn by doing arts and crafts such as Australian Aboriginal Bark Painting, Chinese Paper Lanterns and the Mexican “Ojo de Dios”, which is a pattern that most Mexican adults and children weave with yarn. Miss Miller also teaches her students by playing games such as the African “Mancala” and the Mexican “Toma Todos.”

 During the school year, Miss Miller teaches sixth grade at Glenknoll Elementary. She was inspired to create her class by her “memories of traveling the western half of the United States as a child.”

“Growing up, I have been very fortunate to spend my summers traveling the United States. I have visited most of the western half of the United States, plus several cities in Alaska,” she stated. Miss Miller also has the goal of traveling to other countries around the world.

 With the summer enrichment class, Miss Miller and her students have taken  a journey to other countries where they have discovered new art, music, language, food, and celebrations.