“Academy Awards” Class Integrates Technology with Social Studies

Teacher Daniel Worden “loves finding new ways to get kids excited about learning history.”


“I created the “Academy Awards” class because I love finding new ways to get kids excited about learning history,” stated Mr. Daniel Worden about the “Academy Awards” class offered by the PYLUSD Summer Enrichment Program at Lakeview Elementary 2016-2017.

Worden, who teaches seventh and eighth grade social studies at Kraemer Middle School, decided to create the “American Academy Awards” class as a part of the 2016-2017 PYLUSD Summer Enrichment  S.T.E.M. program because he loves “finding new ways to get kids excited about learning history. Integrating technology with social studies is something I’m passionate about.”

Worden, believes that students need to be challenged but also  supported, especially since the students in program range from third grade to incoming eighth graders. “One challenge of creating a summer enrichment class is not knowing which students I will have and what grade level they will all be in,” explained Worden. ” Many of my students are in different grade levels, and it can be challenging to make sure that all students feel somewhat challenged and yet supported at the same time.”

Worden has set many goals for his students in the summer program, including teamwork skills. “One goal I have for students in this class is to improve in teamwork skills. We do group games, group projects, and group discussions in class,” he explained.

 In Worden’s  classes the students get to chose their topic or in his case person. “The most interesting part of the class is that students get to choose who they want to study. Also, students get to present their research and then also vote on which people deserve an Academy Award.”

Mauricio Serna, a sixth grader at Topaz Elementary School stated, “I liked the learning activity of finding interesting information about Floyd Mayweather.”

Luz Luna, a fifth grader at Topaz Elementary School stated, ” My favorite activity has been searching on Google to learn more about former President Obama. I learned so many details that I did not know before.”