Mrs. Brock Creates “Magical Science”

PYLUSD Summer Enrichment class features “explosions, eruptions and chemical reactions.”



“I wanted to create a class that gets students interested in science and a class that they want to come to everyday,” said Mrs. Brock, “Magical Science” teacher for the 2017 PYLUSD Summer Enrichment Program, being held at Lakeview Elementary School in Yorba Linda, California.

Mrs. Brock, who teaches science at Tuffree Middle School during the academic school year, wanted students to “get into science” by creating a class that “they want to come to every day.”

In “Magical Science” students conduct explosions, eruptions, and chemical reactions. Additionally, these young scientists create slime, make raisins “dance”, build marshmallow shooters, and play with Oobleck, a substance that acts like a solid when you squeeze it, but it can be pour from a cup.

“These experiments are fun and easy enough that students will want to do it again and again,” Mrs. Brock explained.

“This is my favorite class out of all of them,” stated Bailey Thomasson, who is seven years old and in the fall will be enrolled as a second grader at Lakeview Elementary Bailey’s favorite experiment was making bounce balls.

Khamia Palmei who is eight years old and attending Woodsboro Elementary School in the fall, stated that her favorite experiment in the class was making slime.

Khamia also added, “This class is awesome and magical anything can happen,”