Survival 101: Take A Hike But Don’t Get Lost


Jackson Standefer age, 14 with his grandmother LouAnne Merrell age 62 became lost on a hike at the Grand Canyon on  April 23, 2017, and still have not been found, according to

Annually, around 2,000 people get lost on a hike, according to

“Getting lost while hiking is one of the worst feelings in the world. The combination of fear, confusion, and loneliness can be overwhelming and often makes an already bad situation even worse,” stated

Preparations for a day hike is to know the trail on where you are going and to be hydrated the entire hike. You should also turn back when you know things are going bad because staying still or going in further will just make the situation worse, explained

What to do if your hike goes bad and you don’t do the proper preparations is to:

1. First, stop and try to find where you are. Use your phone to call for help and make sure not to wonder because if help is coming, it would make it harder for the people trying to rescue to you find you, explained to

2. Think about your situation and try to figure out what you would do next and try to identify local landmarks, according to

3. Observe your surrounding and try to figure out how you got lost from your group or what direction you took to get lost in the first place, stated the

4. Make a plan about what you would do the current or next day. It would help you focus better, and not stress out, or panic. It will be easier to cover more ground more quickly, according to

5. Try to find shelter and spend the night out if help isn’t coming yet. Make sure to gather all the equipment and prepare for the next day. Leave tracks on paths you went on so you can cover more ground quicker, according to

6. Make sure to find a river to have a good water supply if you know that you’re going to stay overnight. Use trails or marks so you know where the shelter is located, explained the

7. Lastly stay warm and try to create a fire so other people who are also hiking can see your fire. Try to do this at night because the fire will be more visible, reported the

Some things to not do if you get lost on a hike is to panic. If you were with a group try not to wander away from your location because you will probably just get lost further. Try to build a shelter and find a water source if you’re spending the night out.