Is All Social Media Bad for Kids?


In a survey conducted by The Pew Research Center and reported in The Huffington Post, 1,060 teens were asked this question, “How many social media accounts do you have?”

“Seventy-one percent of teens say they use more than one of the following social networks: Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Vine, and Tumblr,” according to Huffington Post.

Some parents are okay with the idea of their kids having any social media they want. Some parents disagree.

“I absolutely do not think children should not have social media,” reported Alisha Johnston, a mother of four, in an interview with The Matador Messenger.  

Some safer apps include Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, according to Safe Smart and Social. Some colleges use these platforms in search for students of certain talent. This includes photography, technology, art, etc.

Apps that may be considered both safe and unsafe include Minecraft, Pokemon Go, and Vine, according to Smart Safe Social. Vine is a very tempting platform for random people to follow your kid. Minecraft has been known to give your computer viruses and have been used for bullying.

“I feel that it is very scary thing. There are a lot of scary people that want to hurt kids and want to pretend that they are nice. I don’t think kids or adults should follow people they don’t know,” reported Brian Elliott, a father of two, in an interview with The Matador Messenger.

Some potentially unsafe apps include Calculator%, Tumblr, and Wishbone. Calculator% is a secret photo storage app. It functions like a calculator, until the user puts in a password. Users can then use this app to store any photos that they may not want others to see. This has been used by teens to store inappropriate photos.

Social media can be a wonderfully effective way to communicate news (like events). A blog, the first social media technology, is a wonderful way to manage content, as I see you all using! Facebook pages (NOT personal pages) are also an effective social media option to communicate news, events and to get volunteer support. Social media is fairly easy to use, is very cost-efficient (often free) and has a high usage rate,” reported Lorrie Thomas Ross, Web Marketing Therapy Agent.