Snub-Nosed Monkey Endangered by Human Appetite


The recently discovered species, the colourSnub-Nosed Monkey, is in danger of becoming extinct. As it is being hunted and eaten by local hunters in Myanmar, according to

“The only scientifically observed specimen had been killed by local hunters the time researchers found it—and was eaten soon after,” later stated

The species was discovered in 2010, researchers believe that only 300 Snub-Nosed Monkeys exist in Asia through Southern China. A Snub-Nosed Monkey can live for 18 years without anybody’s help, according to

“Hunting, illegal logging and proposed hydropower development, taking place within the context of a simmering civil conflict, threaten to push the species to extinction,” according to could cost up to $1,500 per snub-nosed monkey, according to

The Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey has blackish-grey shoulders, upper arms, back, crown, and tail, with the back being covered in a longer layer of fine silver hairs.

“In males, the sides of the head, forehead, and neck and underparts are bright gold color, hence the common name of this species,” according to

“Females are generally similar in appearance to males, but the head and upper parts are more brownish black. Their noses are, as the name suggests, flattened and set back from the muzzle. The wide nostrils face forwards and there are two small flaps of skin above the nostrils that nearly touch the forehead.”

“These monkeys produce a wide range of vocalizations often, remarkably, without making any facial movements, in the manner of a ventriloquist,” according to