Is the Closing of the Twilight Tower of Terror a Bad Idea?


Disneyland has just announced the closing of the Twilight Tower of Terror  Monday, January 9th, 2017, according to OC Register.

The Tower will be replaced by, Guardians of the Galaxy– Mission Breakout! ride, scheduled to open in March of 2017. The setting is described as the warehouse belonging to the collector. The line starts as a museum of all the relics from the previous movies.  

Not everyone is excited about Disney’s new change.

I don’t like the Guardians ride taking over Tower of Terror for one simple reason: that ride introduced millions of kids to Twilight Zone,” added @Ericvespe on Twitter.     

Over the 61 years of Disneyland, they have had plenty of changes. Most of those changes just made the park better.

Here are some of the changes made over the years:

Golden Horseshoe Revue: this was the longest running stage show in theme park history. This show lasted 31 years, until its closing in 1994. Disney tried to bring back a similar version in 2013 but wasn’t a big hit.

PeopleMover: PeopleMover was an attraction that took guests around Tomorrowland. This attraction soon closed down in 1995. They ended up replacing it with a High-Speed Rocket Racers. They soon closed that down due to constant breakdowns. They then tried to recreate the PeopleMover, but it didn’t work.     

Big Thunder Ranch: Big Thunder Ranch has been famous for its ferry rides, the petting zoo, and  “Aladdin– A Musical Spectacular.” All this land will be closed down forever to make Star Wars Land bigger.

Disneyland Railroad: The Disneyland Railroad is an attraction that takes you all over Disneyland. This attraction will be closing for at least a year due to the construction of Star Wars Land.

“But still, it has a rabid fan base that freaked out when rumors of its demise began to circulate this summer and were then confirmed last month,” as Rebecca Schuman says in her article.