ASPCA October: Adopt a Shelter Dog

ASPCA October: Adopt a Shelter Dog

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), is holding an “Adopt a Shelter Dog” fundraiser for the entire month of October. During this month in New York, one can adopt an abandoned or abused animal that has been in the shelter for too long according to

Yearly 3.4 million house pets such as dogs and cats are abandoned yearly. Some cats get abandoned because people have allergic reactions. They think abandoning them is their only solution. Some apartments or complexes don’t allow certain pets such as German Shepherds or Pitbulls, another reason why they get abandoned. The number one reason they get abandoned, is because of behavior problems reported

The ASPCA in New York provides many ways to volunteer such as becoming a monthly donor, making a memorial gift, or joining the Founder’s Society according to People can become part of the Founder’s Society by donating $500 or more at least once stated

One can still get involved if they aren’t in New York. In Los Angeles, they have a place where one can donate money to help care for animals who have not been adopted yet. The ASPCA will also sponsor fund raisers such as a bake sale, to help raise money for their organization, reported

In an interview with the Matador Messenger, a representative from the New York ASPCA said that every animal deserves a second chance to live the life they may have never gotten the chance to. One of the ASPCA employees stated, “I have three pets who come from being abandoned, and they make the best pets ever.”

A representative that was interviewed by the Matador Messenger also states, “People shouldn’t doubt abused animals, because they are just afraid of the trauma they went through happening again. Giving all animals a second chance, is the ASPCA’s number one priority.”

If one has any questions or concerns the ASPCA is happy to help if one visit their website (, email ([email protected]), or call them.