Summer School Students Go “Crazier for Cards”

Summer School Students Go “Crazier for Cards”

“My family has played card and board games together for as long as I can remember,” stated Mrs. Pipkin, the teacher for the PYLUSD Summer Enrichment class “Crazier for Cards” offered at Fairmont in Yorba Linda during the months of June and July.

She wants to teach more students how to practice logic skills while playing card games. Groups of 2-10 players play each of the games using 1-2 decks of cards. Some of the games include Sequins and Hearts.

“One of the main challenges in creating an exciting enrichment summer school class is coming up with activities that all ages can enjoy,”stated Mrs. Pipkin.

During the school year Mrs. Pipkin teaches a fifth grade class at Wagner Elementary School. In her free time she likes to watch movies, read good books, hangout at the beach, and be with her family.

Over the summer her students have enjoyed many fun card games as much as she has enjoyed teaching them. Two of Mrs.Pipkin students were asked for their in out. “My favorite part of class is getting to play any card game during free time. I like the card game “ Beggar my Neighbor” because of the competition”, stated Evan Ortega, a 6th grader at Tynes Elementary School.

“My favorite part of the class is Mrs.Pipkin herself.” exclaimed Brianna Valencia, a 4th grader at Genknoll Elementry. “My favorite card game is also “Beggar my Neighbor” because it’s so fast!”

Card games have an ancient and fascinating history.  According to, “Each face card in a deck of playing cards is said to represent a great person from history:

King of Spades – David

King of Hearts – Charles (possibly Charlemagne, or Charles VII, where Rachel would then be the pseudonym of his mistress, Agnès Sorel)

King of Diamonds – Julius Caesar

King of Clubs – Alexander the Great

Queen of Spades – Pallas

Queen of Hearts – Judith

Queen of Diamonds – Rachel (either biblical, historical (see Charles above), or ythical as a corruption of the Celtic Ragnel, relating to Lancelot below)

Queen of Clubs – Argine (possibly an anagram of regina, which is Latin for queen, or perhaps Argea, wife of Polybus and mother of Argus)

Knave (Jack) of Spades – Ogier the Dane/Holger Danske (a knight of Charlemagne)

Knave (Jack) of Hearts – La Hire (comrade-in-arms to Joan of Arc, and member of Charles VII’s court)

Knave (Jack) of Diamonds – Hector

Knave (Jack) of Clubs – Judas Maccabeus, or Lancelot”

Mrs. Pipkin continues to teach young students about card games so they continue to learn about something with a history going on for ages.