Excellence Home Health Care: “Helping Seniors Become More Independent’’


Excellence home health care agency Incorporation

        “I like my job because I get to meet people and take care of them. I get to help and make them feel better so they become more independent,” stated Thi Doan, the health care administrator of Excellence Home Health Care Agency inc., in Chino Hills, California.

              The whole idea of a home health care was Doan’s wife, Geraldine Doan. He stated, “My wife needed help starting a home health care.” After that, Doan decided to be a home health care administrator with his wife as a registered nurse, also known as an RN. Doan’s facility started in November 29, 2004. His nursing home includes service for nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, dietician, and home health aide.

For Doan, the  greatest challenges are managing different personalities with their staff, business associates, patients, and their families. Some changes for the future of his facility are regulation change and reimbursement rate.

Doan stated, “These changes should be based on quality care and how efficiently you provide the care. From the very beginning of Doan’s business,” Doan said, that his business has grown to about 1,000% in comparison to nothing at the start.”

“Home health care services for three million beneficiaries now accounts for nearly $20 billion per year in Medicare expenditures. While much of the money spent on home care ultimately reduces overall healthcare expenditures it could provide over institutionalized medicine. So, the bigger the budget item you become, the more political scrutiny you will invite.” according to carecentrix.com.

Doan handles his job by making sure he has a set of policies and procedures then enforce them. They monitor effectiveness and make adjustments as needed.He stated, “You have to have passion for the elderly.” When giving advice to people interested in his line of work.

       People go to Doan’s home health specifically because they provide quality care over quantity care. For Doan, he sees his facility in the future as one being more about quality and quantity. His facility provides care for homebound patients. Homebound meaning those who cannot leave their home without assistance.

“Home Care providers will continue to see major opportunities as the industry becomes a stronger partner to institutional medicine. That said, home care providers must prepare to embrace the challenges of a quickly changing landscape in order to remain relevant and keep up with the competition,” stated carecentrix.com.