Trump Rally Causes Mobs of Protesters in The Streets of San Jose

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The recent Trump rally on June, 3 2016 in San Jose sparked disputes between protesters and supporters of Trump,according to CNN.

Protesters were shouting accusations of racism at supporters. Protesters were also getting aggresive and throwing punches. One female Trump supporter was surrounded by protesters and pelted with eggs, according to ABC news.

Another supporter was brutally beaten. He was covered in blood and his shirt was almost torn off, according to CNN.

“In a video clip posted to Twitter, Fusion reporter Tim Pool spoke with a man who said he yelled, “Yeah Trump!” after leaving the event. The video shows someone swinging what appears to be a shopping bag containing something heavy, then flashes forward to show the side of the man’s head bleeding and his shirt spattered with blood.” Stated Huffington Post

“I was walking out with a Trump sign and he grabbed my Trump sign and started following me, saying I was a racist and stuff,” the man in Pool’s video said. A reporter then asks if he said anything to provoke the assailant. “I was just like ‘Yeah Trump, Trump!” the man said, according to Huffington Post.

Videos are now circulating capturing the violence displayed at that event. From burning of political hats to the beating of supporters and protesters. The streets were in bloody discord, according to Washington Post.