Challenges of becoming A Deputy District Attorney

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Miller

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Miller

“My job is unlike any other attorney position in that I don’t represent any one person”, “I represent The People,” stated Mallory Miller Deputy District Attorney for  San Bernardino County.

BYMS Alumni Mallory Miller, Deputy District  Attorney for San Bernardino County. Mallory Miller has been a DDA for little over four  years. “I’ve been in the gang Unit for a little over a year now” explained Mallory Miller.

“To become a Deputy District Attorney I had to go through high school (obviously), I earned my bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University, got through law school (juris doctorate degree), passed the bar exam and the ethics exam before interviewing for getting hired for my current position”, stated Mallory Miller

Mallory became interest in law started with enjoying government related classes. She loved learning about how our country came to exist and how the Constitution was created.

“I didn’t realize I wanted to be a lawyer until I was in college and took more history and political science classes”,  “It’s important to know, you don’t have be interested in those topics to be lawyer or to get into law school”, reported Mallory Miller Deputy District Attorney for San Bernardino County.

My job does take a lot of work and time. Law will never stop changing. It’s my job to stay up-to-date in those changes and to be able to explain to a judge what those changes are. Mallory has always been a rule follower so she thinks enforcing society’s rules is a perfect fit for my personality. Mallory also enjoys learning things and, like most people. “I love being right and I love being the best at whatever I do” according to Mallory Miller

“A big part in my job is to make sure the right thing happens and I don’t think I would be very good at my job,” explained Mallory Miller Deputy District Attorney of San Bernardino County

If a person was to become a District Attorney you would most likely want to be start by visiting courts. Also you can have a bunch of friends to go to a court hearing. “You would first ask one of the deputies’ or bailiffs(the court staff in uniform) to explain why you’re there and to ask if there are any trials or cases being heard that would be good for you to watch” according to Mallory Miller Deputy District  Attorney of San Bernardino.

“It’s my job to hold that person accountable for breaking the law either by negotiating a plea agreement with them or take them to trial,” stated Mallory Miller Deputy District Attorney of San Bernardino County.