“A Life Without Flavor Is Tasteless…” Taking A Closer Look Into OC Flavors

A Life Without Flavor Is Tasteless... Taking A Closer Look Into OC Flavors


                  Leah MCcuen is the Owner/President of OC Flavors, Inc. This company is a corporation that was created by experts in the flavor industry over 50 years ago to “develop wholesome, healthy products to fit your organic certified or organic compliant flavor demands,” as informed on their website, http://www.ocflavors.com/.

                 “From cutting edge flavor development to unequaled customer service, our team has the answers to all your flavor needs. Our commitment is to you, our customer.” OC Flavors is a company that make diverse flavors for their customers based on their demands, and discover new waves of flavor innovation!

                 “My job differs from most in two ways. First, I am the owner of the company, which makes me responsible for several different aspects of the company. Secondly, most people are not aware that there are Flavor Companies. Our Flavor Chemist develop specialized formulations by combining natural chemicals found in various plants and botanicals. Our company manufactures flavors for the food and beverage  industries. You can find our flavors in several popular food items on your grocery store shelves as well as at various fast food and restaurant locations,” McCuen explained. Her job is certainly unique compared to most people’s everyday occupation.

                  The advice she would give to anyone interested in her field would be “to became a business owner is to first put together a great business plan! You have to know and like what field you plan to start your business in. You need to know your competition and find out where their gaps are in the industry and make sure you company can fill those gaps! And you have to be able to work hard and very long hours.”

                  Also, she shared that if someone is interested in the food industry, they should become a Food Chemist or Flavor Chemist. Since these are rare jobs, there are many opportunities for qualified chemists. Plus you get to taste food and develop flavors all day!

                  Her favorite part of her job is “working with my team on flavors for new and exciting food items. Also, she feels great pride when she walks down the grocery store aisle or when she goes to her favorite restaurant, knowing that her team made that product taste better!