Water-Activated Street Art Reveals Itself in the Rain


Photo Courtesy of mnn.com

Peregrine Church, a Seattle-based street artist, has created a rain-activated sidewalk chalk stenciling and Invisible Ink hybrid called Rainworks, as stated in mnn.com.

The environmentally safe coating lasts between four months and a year, according to  thisiscolossal.com.

The messages are located along West Seattle to the South Lake Union downtown neighborhood on the newly expanded RapidRide C Line, as stated in mnn.com.

Some say “All aboard, C Creatures” and “Ride on, C Creatures,” to go along with the “C” theme, as stated in mnn.com.

“Church’s messages are often mood lifters and restore people’s spirits on dreary days,” stated theuntappedsource.com.

“I like that you can take the same thing that causes seasonal affective disorder and use it to make people happy,” Alaska-born, Seattle-raised Church explained to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer in 2015, according to mnn.com.

Since Rainworks does not advertise anything, is temporary, and does not harm the sidewalks, the Seattle Department of Transportation claims it is legal, reported mnn.com.

“This was our first time working with the City of Seattle in an official capacity, after making rainworks ‘guerilla style’ at bus stops for years, and it was a real treat for us. We hope that the local commuters will see these rainworks and smile, and feel pride for their awesome public transit system!” Rainworks Facebook page explains, according to mnn.com.

After seeing superhydrophobic spray videos on Youtube, Church had the idea to use that kind of spray to spread secret messages on the streets of Seattle, as stated in theuntappedsource.com.

A successful 2015 Kickstarter campaign has made Rainworks Invisible Spray kits available, including a spray bottle of the biodegradable hydrophobic coating and pre-printed stenciling materials, and they are only $30, according to mnn.com.