Plantereo: The Self-Watering Plant System That Combines Functionality and Aethetics

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 Have you ever returned home from a vacation only to find out that your plants died when you were gone? Well, that’s where Plantereo comes in, a Kickstarter project that can water your plants for up to five days and may solve your problems with gardening, reported Plantereo’s Kickstarter page.

Richenna King, a graduate Industrial Design student from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, is the one who designed the product with the small city apartment in mind.

The product is a self-watering planter, and what makes this planter different from the rest is that it combines functionality and aesthetics.

Their design works because of water’s natural wicking property. When the string gets wet, it slowly brings water up to the soil. The planter has a hexagonal form and is a satin glazed ceramic pot, with a unifying hexagonal glass top when it’s used as a terrarium, or bottom when it’s holding water.

Rich and her partner Vic Sison said, “The biggest challenge in designing Plantereo is finding the balance between functionality and aesthetics.” They wanted their product to be able to hold enough water for the self-watering feature to be worth the price.

Unlike other DIY planters that require the use of plastic bottles, Plantereo will stand out on your desk or a windowsill. The planter is perfect for both beginners and experts, according to Plantereo’s Kickstarter page.

With the glass dome on top, you can trap heat inside the planter and the atmosphere for the plants will become 2-3 degrees Fahrenheit warmer. This feature would be very useful if you are growing plants in the winter that can’t tolerate the cold weather, stated Richenna King.

They designed the product using Sketchup, and laser cut boards and acrylic to test the early designs. Their final prototype is a handcrafted stoneware ceramic and glass set that can be seen with a variety of plants in their Instagram feed, @plantereo.

By donating money to Plantereo’s Kickstarter page, you can get rewards such as a Plantereo set which includes the ceramic base, a wick, a glass top, and an additional ebook, as seen on Plantereo’s Kickstarter page.

You can still help Rich and Vic reach their desired goal on kickstarter by using the following link: