The New 3D Laser Printer GlowForge, Revolutionizes Market

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 The Glowforge has revolutionized the 3D printer market by becoming and only laser 3D printer on the market that allows consumers to cut and/or engrave raw materials such as fabric, leather, wood, paper, cardboard, glass and marble.

This laser printer even cuts foods like cheese or chocolate, …and more. Additionally, it can only cut these materials 20 inches deep, 37 inches wide, and eight inches tall.

After raising over $27 million in pre-order funding, Glowforge, the 3D laser printer, is finally ready to start shipping in late 2016.

The Glowforge 3D laser printer mainly consists of a 40W or a 45W laser. The product with the 40W laser is the basic model and the 45W laser is included in the pro model.With 45W laser you can cut denser and tougher materials, reported geeky

As for the prices, the glowforge basic is currently priced at $2,395 but soon it will be priced at $4,000. The basic with an air filter is priced at $2,995 in  a couple of months it will be priced at $5,000. Finally, the Glowforge Pro with an air filter is priced at $4,795 but soon will be priced at $8,000, added

“The interior camera will show you on your computer screen where the design will land, and if it needs adjusting you can move it with a mouse or finger,” stated Dan Shapiro, the Founder and CEO of glowforge.