Traditional Violins May Soon be Replaced


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An new innovation in music has been made for all violin players. The revolutionary product is called the 3Dvarius; and was made to meet the means of violinist with more demanding needs.

The 3Dvarius has been created with the sole purpose is to create an electric violin which could fulfill all the needs of a classical musician. Since it is printed as a single piece thus departing it from the traditional musical instrument production, giving it unique property: it allows for smooth, optimal sound-wave flow throughout the instrument, offering the violinist greater sound control. Thus combining the use of the 3D printer with ancient violin-making skills.

“With the help of guitar tuning pegs, the tuning is facilitates but it’s the same tuning than any violin. On an acoustic violin, you have also tuning pegs but they’re placed in the head of the violin; on the 3Dvarius we put them in the bottom of the violin to reduce the weight felt by the violinist. You can use the 3Dvarius for all concerts, no problem to play live with….,” stated the 3Dvarius Team in an interview with the Matador Messenger said when asked if the quick tuning feature ideal for a concert setting.

The 3Dvarius is currently only sold on Kickstarter, but you can buy the 3Dvarius from its Kickstarter page for $7,827.30. Although for anyone who can not afford to buy it from its Kickstarter page; you can buy it in music stores around December 2016, but only if it’s initial Kickstarter goal is meet.