The Sun Bear is Becoming Endangered

Photo Courtesy of a-z

The Sun Bear is becoming endangered due to habitat destruction and endless poaching. Buildings are being built in their habitats, which forces them to move into unadaptable areas, according to “To save the Sun Bear we have to stop building in the habitat,” stated the Fish and Wildlife Service.

Poachers kill the bears for their cubs which are sold as pet trade.  Project Aware is one conservation efforts for these animals. Fines up to 1,400 dollars and one year in prison is a penalty for killing these animals, according to

The Sun Bear lives in the tropical areas of South Asia and Central Asia. Sun Bears eat fruit, nuts, and berries. They have also been known to eat honey, insects, grubs, eggs, and small animals such as rodents, according to

If you would like to help save Sun Bears you can visit and donate to help endangered animals.