Braille Lego Bricks Teach Blind to Read

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An Italian company, Danny’s Lab, has created “Braille” LEGO Bricks to help the legally blind read and write Braille.

The Braille Bricks have raised studs just like actual LEGO’s, but the raised studs represent the Braille Alphabet, so that the kids can build and spell at the same time explained

Fewer than ten percent of the legally blind in the United States actually are able read and/or write Braille, and fewer than ten percent of all United States children learning Braille according to

“Massimo Vita, the president of the Italian Blind Association of Siena (Italy) met me when I was showing my robots during a public event. He had this idea of modular Braille bricks since a long time,” stated Daniele Benedettelli, the founder of Danny’s Lab.

Braille Bricks are a LEGO- style blocks for the blind to learn and play at the same time. It also teaches the blind how to read braille in a fun way. “There are lots of reasons so many blind adults and children are failing to learn Braille, not the least of which is the haphazard and inconsistent Braille teaching services available in many schools,”

Benedettelli explained, that although LEGO and Braille combination already exists, “But our idea is different (patent pending): each symbol is modular and can be associated to the decade it belongs to thanks to a tactile pattern.”

“I am an freelance LEGO designer, and not an expert in teaching to blind kids. That’s why we asked for help to a skilled teacher expert in this field, Valentina Morrone, who lives and works in Grosseto, Italy (my same hometown),” stated Benedettelli.

Currently a patent is pending for the Braille Bricks and a custom kit is being prepared for everyone to build and play with these. A crowdfunding campaign is going to be taking place sometime soon after the kit is finished,