Australia Finds a Way to Kill off Invasive Carp

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Australia has announced that they will be utilizing the herpes virus to reduce or even eradicate carp from the Murray-Darling Basin where carp are considered an invasive species that has been dubbed “Cockroach of the Waterways”, stated Huffington Post.

Carp has earned its title of “Cockroach of the Waterways” by nearly making

up 80% of Australia’s freshwater ways. In addition carp make the water they occupy murky, causing erosion; while at the same time out-competing native fish species.

The plan to kill the carp has been backed by many of Australia’s politicians, even the new Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has voiced his anger to the fish by saying, “disgusting, bottom-dwelling, mud-sucking creatures,” he stated in an interview with

The virus will approximately take about a week to kill off the carp, according to the Guardian. The economic impact of carp was estimated at $500 million a year, mostly in regional Australia, and especially along the Murray River; however the coast of releasing is estimated to be $15 million.