Malaysian Authorities Take Handclapping Joke Too Far

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A “joke” instruction on the WhatsApp explains that teachers have to be involved in five minute clapping sessions every week. Not everyone is sure if this is truly a joke or not, reported

Shafruddin Ali Hussin, the state Education Director in Terrengganu, Malaysia wants teachers to participate in practice clapping sessions and give back photographic proof to him. “I request that tomorrow you carry out clapping exercises for five minutes so teachers get used to clapping their hands… train them every assembly and show me photographic proof… I request action ladies and gentlemen… no exceptions,” he says according to

With about five schools carrying out the policy, several teachers disagree with what is being asked of them. One of them who didn’t want to be identified explained that, “We have no choice. It is an instruction and we have to carry it out,” to

The message of the request went viral among Malaysian internet users. A video was all over Facebook and Youtube demonstrating a group of teachers and their primary students carrying out the requests of the state, reported

Shafruddin tries to communicate that it was only a joke and that they are all friends. He also attempts to say that he didn’t think it would be taken seriously as it was only a comment on a private social media group of teachers, according to