Japanese Pop Star in Critical Condition After Fan Stabs Her

Photo Courtesy of  i2.cdn.turner.com

Photo Courtesy of i2.cdn.turner.com

Tokyo Metropolitan police arrested a 27-year-old man named Tomohiro Iwazaki after he attacked the famous Japanese pop star, Mayu Tomita around 5 p.m. on Saturday, May 21st, 2016 about 300 meters southwest of Musashi-Koganei Station in western Tokyo on the Chuo Line and close to Koganei City Hall.. Iwazaki stabbed her multiple times, causing her to be in critical condition and suffering injuries in her neck and chest, according to cnn.com.

When the police got a call by a witness right after, they immediately rushed to the scene, to find a 8.2 cm blade, according to japantimes.com.

“Tomohiro reportedly stabbed Mayu prior to her performance in Koganei because she had returned a gift he had sent to the singer in January,” Hollywoodlife.com stated.

The pop singer never thought she would be hurt by this man, even though she had contacted the police a few weeks ago because Tomohiro had been harassing her on the internet, according to Hollywoodlife.com.

According to fuse.tv.com, the man had allegedly been sending her messages on twitter and other social media before the attack. On March 15, one of the messages Iwazaki sent to Tomita stated, “It would be radical to kill just because (someone was) rejected by a girl.”

After being arrested, Tomohiro Iwazaki admitted to the police that he did stab Mayu Tomita because she returned the gift he gave her. “I ambushed her at the station and asked her (about the gift). I lost my temper and stabbed her many times because she didn’t clearly answer,” the man stated.

Tomita was supposed to perform live just hours later in the same building she was stabbed multiple times in, according to japantimes.com.