Bluefin Tuna is Nearing Extinction


Poaching and pollution have reduced the Bluefin Tuna population to 2,740, according to “If we do not take action soon the Bluefin Tuna will surely be extinct,” stated the US Fish and WIldlife Service.

Bluefin Tuna are very valuable because they are a popular ingredient in sushi, which makes them vulnerable to poachers. In addition, there is a penalty for poaching these animals. This fine can be up to 2,350 in the us dollars, according to

The Bluefin Tuna  eat small fish such as sardines, herring, and mackerel. The Bluefin Tuna have also been known to eat small squid. Most Bluefin Tuna are found in the Mediterranean Sea, though some have been spotted in the North Atlantic, according to

Some organization help Bluefin tuna, such as, where you can donate to help endangered animals. It is important to save these animals because they are important to the environment.

“By stopping poaching we can save Bluefin Tuna,” stated World Wild Life.