Stay In A Robot Run Hotel In Nagasaki, Japan This Summer


Opening on July 16th, the “Strange Hotel” will be the first hotel to be almost entirely run by robots. The hotel is conveniently located by an amusement park and massage clinic according to

In Nagasaki, Japan when you walk into the lobby of a hotel you might be greeted by a robotic dinosaur. If the robots won’t give you a key to your room, it’s because they use facial recognition instead. Don’t be surprised when you have no control over the AC or heater, the hotel technology will sense your body heat and change the temperature appropriately reported

In Japanese, the hotel is called the Henn-na Hotel, which translates to The Strange Hotel in English, and it certainly fulfills its name. The press from foreign countries are making a big deal about the hotel, however Japan is not. The prices are not expensive according to

The hotel staff will be 90% robots, 10% humans. The human staff will make sure all the technology runs smoothly explains

Heido Sadawa, the founder of the Henn-na Hotel,  accomplished his childhood dream by creating the hotel. “I wanted to highlight innovation. I also wanted to do something about hotel prices going up,” Sadawa stated according to

A Japanese entrepreneur stated on twitter, “Well, hotels are better without people, aren’t they?” From the robotic dinosaur to the facial recognition, the Henn-na hotel is a huge milestone on the world’s technological journey according to