Should Aruba be Your New Vacation Spot?

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Trying to find a tropical destination for summer?  According to,you might enjoy activities such as relaxing on the white sand beaches, hiking in the national park, or even going to internationally-renowned film festival.

The small island of Aruba, part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, has about 100,000 inhabitants in a mere 75 square miles. The islands accepts American currency, and most inhabitants are bilingual and do speak English and Dutch, sometimes even Spanish, according to

Aruba is divided into 7 sections ( Palm Beach, Eagle Beach, Oranjestad, San Nicholas, Santa Cruz, and Arikok National Park). Since there are many different sections in Aruba there are many different things to do that will fit everyone’s lifestyle and personality explained

The average temperature on the island is 82 degrees Fahrenheit, it is one of the most sunny islands in the Caribbean. About 20% of Aruba is decided as a national park, housing many types of exotic birds and animals stated

An important role in the island government is educating their residents. Almost all the kids are suppose to go to private school, which are all paid by the government. The children are expected to learn their native language and a second language during primary school years according to

“Aruba was the best vacation we ever had. We had so much fun with family and exploring the beautiful island. The people there are so friendly and welcoming,” stated Erin Gibbons, a recent Aruba visitor.