Assemble Your Own Earth Covered Home With Green Magic Homes


Instead of dreaming about living in an earth covered home like in The Hobbit or Star Wars, now you can buy one. Green Magic Homes sells eco-friendly homes you can put together in your backyard within three days for only $41 per square inch according to   

The home is waterproof and can withstand harsh weather conditions such as strong winds and hurricanes. It can be used in every type of environment from the arctic to the dessert. The homes are meant to blend in with their surroundings and the roofs are covered with vegetation. You can even grow crops on the roof of your home reported

The layer of plants, sand, or snow covering the home can be as tall as 7.8 inches according to

Green Magic Homes provides the shell and outside walls for the home. It is left to the buyer to install appliances, air conditioning, inside walls, and furniture reported

The house is made of fiber-reinforced polymer arches styled similar to a dome shape. There are many different designs for each room in your home. The owner of the home designs their own, personalized layout according to

Green Magic Homes have distributors in 8 countries including the US. In June they will be starting two projects in Argentina and Spain. Currently a home is being built in Mexico reported

Living under your garden has never been easier. These green magic homes could fulfil all of your Middle Earth desires.