Fort Bragg’s Artifacts are Our History

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In Fort Bragg, California history literally washes ashore. These artifacts are actually the remains of the area they had dumped all the glass. Along the shore you can see rare ruby reds (from pre-1967 auto tail lights) or sapphire gems from apothecary bottles. Sea Glass Beach in Fort Bragg is full of glass that over time has been smoothed over but is not for the taking, according to

The Great Quake of 1906 instantly reduced most of downtown Fort Bragg’s buildings to rubble. Many buildings were damaged, the devastation was wide-spread and overwhelming Before this earthquake the people of Fort Bragg, disposed of their trash on their property, by burning and reusing. The people of Fort Bragg realized there was too much debris to burn, according to, stated They chose to clear the huge amount of debris by dumping it in the ocean, thinking it would wash away. Much to their surprise, the debris did not wash out of the cove, creating an ocean dump.

According to, since glass is the longest lasting item in an old trash dump (doesn’t rust or decompose), most of the sea glass begins its life as old glass bottles, including those beautiful colored glass bottles, and then it ends up on the beach.

“Years of pounding waves and tidal action have crushed, rounded and polished tons of glass and piled it onto the beach. You’ll find the occasional reminder of it’s earlier life, but for the most part what you’ll see is millions of pieces of sea glass sparkling in the sun,” according