Cleaning up Oceans can Save Critically Endangered Sea Turtle

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With approximately 3,700 Sea Turtles left in the world today, reported, sea turtles have become endangered as a result of poachers, predators, and pollution, but, “ We can save sea turtles by stopping the pollution in their water,” stated the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Agency.

The Sea Turtles eggs are being destroyed because of humans destroying their nests and predators are eating them. The Sea Turtle comes back to its nest every year so it can lay eggs. The Sea Turtles lay about 110 eggs at a time,according to

The Sea Turtle lives in the North Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. They have also been known to live in the Indian Ocean as well, reported The Sea Turtle eat mostly eats grass and seaweed. It will occasionally eat meat such as small fish.

The Sea Turtles can also be found in many zoos such as the Oakland Zoo and the Sacramento Zoo, according to

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