Buy Trendy and Feed the Hungry at BoxLunch


Photo Courtesy of Kaylie Long

Customers can now purchase the latest fashion trends and help the community, simultaneously. Every $10 customers spend at BoxLunch will help provide a meal to a person in need.

“We just wanted to offer brands that people can buy and love. People can also make a difference by giving back to people in need,” reported a BoxLunch representative.

A BoxLunch store is now located in the Brea Mall, on level one near Nordstroms.

In an interview with the Matador Messenger, an employee of BoxLunch stated that “BoxLunch’s merchandise in unique because we work directly with big brands like Disney and Marvel.”

BoxLunch specializes in music, Marvel products, zen supplies, things for the “Man Cave”, Disney merchandise, and science and technology items.

BoxLunch donates the money it collects to Feeding America. They take donations and purchase food for people in need. Every $1 helps provide 11 meals through Feeding America. BoxLunch guarantees a minimum of 1,650,000 meals, equivalent to $150,000, according to

The nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization is Feeding America, according to America helps serve 46.5 million people facing hunger, according to Diana Aviv, Chief Executive Officer of Feeding America.

The Feeding America nationwide network of food banks helps provide more than 3 billion meals to people across the United States.