What Does Your Obsession With Zombies Mean?

What Does Your Obsession With Zombies Mean?

Feel like playing Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies? Want to go watch The Walking Dead? The reasons you’re addicted to zombie games and movies might not be the reason you thought you were. According to a study by Clemson University, having an obsession with zombies might mean you are subconsciously discontent and unhappy with your life or civilization.

“Are these just unhealthy obsessions with death and decay? To Clemson University professor Sarah Lauro, the phenomenon isn’t harmful or a random fad, but part of a historical trend that mirrors a level of cultural dissatisfaction and economic upheaval.” reported Huffington Post.

Stanford scholar, Angela Becerra Vidergar, thinks we can link this obsession with gore and violence to real life wars like World War 2. Zombies started becoming part of pop culture during and after the war explains news.stanford.edu.

According to www.quora.com the fact that monsters can recreate themselves terrifies us. With every brain they eat, every person they kill, their force becomes stronger and stronger.

Zombies originated from Haitian folklore. Zombies first appearance was in a book called The Magic Island. In the 1930’s the zombie trend started to become part of American pop culture. A broadway play kicked off called Zombie , and the popular film, White Zombie hit the screens according to the Huffington Post.

“There have been other atrocities, other genocides and other disasters. We are still struggling to answer those questions of what it means to be human and not only prepare ourselves for new threats, but also deal with those past horrors and disasters in our present and future,” stated Vidergar.