Aniela Hoitink Creates Mushroom Mycelium Dress

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When clothes are no longer in style, they usually find their way to the back of the closet or the bottom of the drawer, but now with Aniela Hoitink’s new dress made of mushroom mycelium, the dress can be composted instead of collecting dust.

Aniela Hoitink aims to change the use of textiles by altering or adding properties to investigate their future use, reported

“Hoitink’s latest invention is a dress created from disc-shaped pieces of mushroom mycelium, the threadlike vegetative part of fungi that absorbs nutrients… The dress is sleek, stylish, and fully compostable. You know, for when it falls out of fashion,” stated

Soft bodied species that grow by replicating themselves motivated Hoitink to build textiles out of modules that make it easy to repair the dress and does not interfere with the look of the fabric, as stated in

“Another benefit of the material is that it can be easily repaired, and cheaply. That makes it reusable as well as recyclable. Since 40 percent of all textiles produced are not sold and end up in landfills, the dress ensures a reduction of this waste,” stated.

Since the dress can be made three-dimensionally and be shaped while being made, it eliminates potential leftovers or waste while it is being made, as stated in

“The world is dynamic, however our textiles are not,” Hoitink said, according to “They have been with us all our lifetime, but they do not seem to have changed much.”

The mushroom mycelium dress is displayed at the Fungal Futures exhibit in Utrecht, Netherlands, according to